How to travel with another family and still remain friends.

How to calm a screaming child on a long airplane ride.

Q: My family of 3 kids and another family who has 2 kids are vacationing together this summer. We have known them for over a year but have never traveled together. We would like to remain friends after this adventure. Any words of advice?


A: The husbands will more than likely get along fine. It sounds like you and mom #2 will want to talk beforehand to delineate what each of you hope you and your families will experience on your vacation. You may want to share this information with your husbands also. Otherwise, an innocent romp with another family could create distance from one another due to lack of communication.

Q: I took my 10 month old on a 2 hour airplane trip to see friends. She wailed and did the pterodactyl scream the whole time. We tried food, toys, singing, you name it.  Nothing stopped her. The other passengers were definitely inconvenienced and I was mortified. I want to travel again with her but feel like there is no possible way I could withstand that embarrassment again.

A: Sounds as though you had quite an airplane ride! With a young non-verbal child, the toughest thing about being a parent is knowing what is troubling them. By our second child, we realized (and confirmed this with his pediatrician) that a dose of Benadryl for his age could help any possible ear clog-ups or head congestion due to a rapid decline in elevation. Of course, depending, it could have an opposite effect and cause him to feel very hyper. Check with your pediatrician on this subject.

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