There are a zillion reasons why exercising just isn’t an option when you’re on the road. And hey, some of them may even be valid. We travelingmoms forgive you. Drop the guilt and beef up your hotel room downtime with these mini-workouts from Mary Moslander and the team of fitness experts at

Hit the wall. Waiting around for someone to decide where you’re going to dinner? Find the closest wall and log a few sets of wall push-ups. Place both hands at shoulder height and step feet back. Turn your head to one side, slowly lower your body towards the wall. Then use your chest and arms to push away from the wall, back to starting position.

Cook up your calves. Amusement park waits and long museum lines are the perfect opportunities to work in some leg exercises. As you wait for the queue to move forward, turn the heat up with calf raises. Stand tall with your feet about hip width apart, abs squeezed in tight. Raise your heels off the ground, hold for three seconds, then lower to starting position.