curlyhairNot that I’m going to the Caribbean or anything, but this is the time of year when one fantasizes about leaving the frigid temperatures for warmer climes.

And since Florida is only getting into the 50’s these days (here are some tips for what do to indoors in Miami, if you’re stuck), I’m thinking further south…like the Caribbean, or Mexico, or Puerto Rico. You know, frizzy hair territory, because as any curly girl knows, humidity is not your friend.

See, I am fairly hair obsessed. And going to a humid, tropical environment, used to spell hair-disaster for me. (imagine Roseanne Roseanna Danna…only Jewish, and with big boobs.) Blow-drying it straight didn’t work, because by the time I left the bathroom, it had frizzed back up again.  Letting it be didn’t work either – one curl went one way, one the other.  It was a mess.    But that was pre-Curly Girls, by Lorraine Massey, the hair book for ANYONE with curly hair traveling to humid country.

This book is a MUST read for curly headed girls. ( And I do mean girls as well as women.curly girl In second grade, I approached the mother of a girl with such frizzy hair her head filled the entire doorway to the classroom on her way in. “I don’t want to be rude,” I said “but I found this great salon that specializes in curly hair.” She fairly pounced on me in her zeal to get the info.  A few days later, this frizzy headed wee one came to school with the most beautiful head of curls ever. I rest my case.)

The basic premise of the book is this: don’t wash your hair too much. (almost never!) and NEVER EVER brush it.


Weird? Maybe?  Kinda scary?  You bet.  But it works.  It’s not that you walk around with dirty hair.  The book explains that using LOTS and LOTS of conditioner, which you then work vigorously into your scalp and rinse, rinse, rinse, dislodges the dirt and washes it away.  As for the brushing — it only over frizzes.  Use your fingers, while your hair is doused with all that conditioner, to work through your knots. (we curly girls get knots) And then resist the urge to touch. (check out more here.)

Product is important, too.  For awhile, I was married to Curly Girl’s own products – Deva Curl.  But now, I go with Fekkai.  Expensive?   You betcha.  Almost heart stoppingly so.  But it works.  So I suck it up. (on days I wanna go straight, their straightening products work incredibly well, too.  Just don’t try it on your humid-land vacation.)

Try it: shampoo only once a week, condition daily, finger comb in the shower, and LEAVE IT ALONE.  You’ll enjoy your vacation that much more knowing that your frizz won’t fizzle out your fun.

(Note: I rece

ived no products or services in exchange for this post. It’s just that good.)