Photo credit: Kamryn Adams, Life Coach TravelingMom

Flight delays are inevitable when you are a traveling mom. Weather, maintenance and the ever popular “air traffic control” can all put a damper on your perfectly planned vacation or business travel. I used to get very frustrated when I experienced flight delays. After a while, I decided to get creative. Here are a few ways I keep it together when I have flight delays.

1. Remove Nailpolish.

If you are transitioning from bright, high-intensity vacation nail color to back to work conservative hues, this can save you some time. If you are headed on vacation and plan to get a mani/pedi while you are away, you can help the nail salon out by removing your polish ahead of time. The Hudson News stores in the airport have polish remover pads that make it a snap to pass time during your flight delays.

2. Do a Wine Tasting.

Okay, so the bar isn’t creative but what you can do at the bar during flight delays is a lot of fun. Host your own private wine tasting. That’s right. Ask the bartender for an ounce of each wine on the menu (or how ever many you like). Negotiate that you’ll pay the full 6 oz. glass price but you want six difference wines, 1 oz each. Begin to build your airport travel wine list. You may be surprised at finding a favorite.

You don't have to be in Napa Valley to do a wine tasting.

You don’t have to be in Napa Valley to do a wine tasting. Photo credit: Kamryn Adams, Life Coach TravelingMom

3.  Play a People Watching Scavenger Hunt.

This works especially well when you travel with kids or are on a girls weekend getaway. I admit that I have a ball with this one even when I am on business travel. Jot down five or 10 things to find, i.e., a yellow striped shirt, polka dot flip flops, a mullet. Then scan the crowds of people that walk by for each item. Make some things on the list relatively common i.e., find 12 navy blue suits. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to board the plane and flight delays will be more fun than frustration.

4. Tone up.

Leg lifts and sitting crunches are all great ways to exercise while you survive flight delays. Use your handbag as a “dumbbell” of sorts and tone up those biceps and triceps. Find the moving sidewalk and walk laps around it.  Besides entertaining the others experiencing a flight delay, you will burn off some calories and make just a small contribution to your health. Oh, and don’t forget your kegels!

The next time you have flight delays, don’t see it as time wasted. Use the glass half full approach to life and and do a little something to make your day easier, your body healthier, or your mind more at ease. Happy traveling, Mom!