goldlinemap2Going to a convention in Los Angeles?  Going last minute, like my husband did this week?  All the hotel rooms downtown are booked, so where do you go?  I have a great solution.

Believe it or not Los Angeles, car mecca, has a wonderful — albeit limited – subway system.  People actually walk in LA.  So if you can’t get a room downtown and trying to get one close to downtown puts you in sketchy areas (it does), why don’t you look at hotels that are along the subway (Metro) route!

My husband stayed in Koreatown this time, along the Purple Line.  Can’t recommend the hotel — it was truly awful (despite great reviews on Yelp), but it opened our eyes to the possibilities of staying along the subway route.  The Red Line goes directly to the Convention Center, but it was super easy for my husband to change trains to get there.

You might also consider Pasadena, along the Gold Line and the San Fernando Valley (Universal City), along the Red Line.

Of course, it’s better to stay downtown if the event is at the Convention Center, but sometimes, you have to get creative.  The subway in LA is pretty new, and thus, modern and clean – not yet pervasive, but we’re getting there…