college studentsWhen traveling moms head to college these days, it’s usually to visit Junior. It can be a fun trip for both parent and child, provided we follow these tips from college students.

So junior has left for college and the dog has moved into his/her old room.  After relishing your own newfound freedom and peace for a while, you realize that your house is too quiet and you are, you admit, a little lonely.  You also start to question the number of requests for additional funds you have received from your new collegiate and decide it’s time for a trip to investigate your child’s new environment. 

The following are some smart tips from former students to help make your visit a smooth one.



  1. Take us out to a nice dinner – we normally eat fat-laden meals from cafeteria lines and vending machines
  2. Bring a care package with food so we have some extra nutrition when you leave

  3. Give us some extra cash – it is always needed and appreciated

  4. Take us shopping – extra food, clothes and things for our rooms make our new place more comfortable

  5. Avoid arguments – let’s just enjoy our time together, have fun and not bring up any sore topics

  6. Dress appropriately – no fanny packs or embarrassing outfits.  Old people stick out on campus to begin with!

  7. Plan an evening activity without us – we probably want to see our friends or have a paper to finish

  8. Have us show you around campus.  It’s nice to show off and share our new routines.

  9. Ignore beer cans or condom wrappers you may see in our room – privately applaud our good judgment.  After all, we are on our own for the first time.

  10. Tell us life without us is just not the same – it is good for our ego and makes us feel missed

  11. Give us the benefit of the doubt.  Part of the college experience is not only the classroom work, but managing your time on your own, dealing with a variety of people from wildly differing backgrounds, combined with myriad situations and temptations – in short, adult life


  • Arrive on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.  These are our party nights.
  • Surprise visit.  Enough said.
  • Arrive too early in the day – we were most likely out late partying and need to sleep in.
  • Plan the entire trip around the campus.  We spend enough time here already and like to sightsee too.
  • Expect to sleep over in our room or expect us to stay at yours.
  • Embarrass us by trying to meet our professors or administrators.
  • Try to organize or go through our stuff.  You probably won’t like what you find.
  • Talk about old girlfriends/boyfriends in front of current girlfriends/boyfriends.