skinceuticalsThere’s nothing like a wrinkle (or five) to get us noticing our skin care routine – or lack of one! I am a skeptic when it comes to make-up and skin care.  I have always believed less is more and that expensive products are for suckers who like pretty packages.  Until now.  I am still skeptical and waiting for the pimple to pop, but my skin looks noticeably improved since I started using SkinCeuticals.  It was recommended to me by a very passionate clinical esthetician at Tranquility Spa in Milford, Conn.

I have decent skin to begin with – no huge acne problems except for the occasional hormonal zit to remind me I am getting older.  I have fine lines around my eyes that I don’t love but am comfortable with.  I have deeper lines in my forehead that I wish would magically disappear one night (but haven’t) and I allow myself to get a little tan in the summer (with sunblock).  My skin care routine for the last few years has been to stumble from my bed to the bathroom sink and splash my face with water, apply Oil of Olay with sunscreen under my eyes and maybe my forehead, and go.  If I have an appointment with someone I think I might frighten, I use a tinted moisturizer or mineral powder on my face and maybe some mascara.  I always use warmly tinted lip gloss.

The clinical esthetician I met was horrified by my skin care routine.  She pointed out the hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles showing up on my face, the “congestion” on my forehead (tiny pimples) and strongly – to put it mildly — suggested a skin care routine using SkinCeuticals.  She chose this line because of her own years of struggle with acne and swears by it.  I left confused and overwhelmed by the surfeit of five different products I was urged to buy but willing to admit that I needed to take better care of my skin.

With my new routine, I start each day by adding the cleanser to my splash of water to my face and I follow up with an exfoliating antioxidant vitamin C serum all over.  My face tingles a little and I feel like something is happening, but I’m not sure what.  My face feels sticky when it dries.  I do not like to feel sticky or look wet.  But I leave it alone.  In the evening, I wash again but this time I apply a product called Hydrating B-5 Gel all over, then Phyto Corrective Gel on the “congestion,” and go to bed.  I want to switch this routine around – I’d rather be sticky at night and smooth during the day but I follow orders.  By day 3, I learned that I can add the line’s broad-spectrum sunblock over the Vitamin C serum.  This relieves some of the stickiness.  I can’t help but wonder if there is another broad-spectrum sunblock out there for less than $34.


The new routine takes only one more minute than my old routine and I am seeing results.  I won’t go into the changes I saw that could be my imagination – I’ll get to the stuff that really matters:  three people commented that I looked younger.  I’m not kidding.  I could attribute it to doing more yoga or that I returned recently from a vacation (although that buzz is pretty much gone) but I really think it is the skin care.  For only an additional minute, I’ll continue, but I might look around to see if something cheaper would work just as well.  I don’t want to be a sucker.

Recently voted Best of Connecticut Day Spa, Tranquility Spa is a full-service  holistic day spa in Milford, CT.  For answers to your skin care questions, post on travelingmom’s community.