sanfranciscoIf you celebrate Christmas and put up a Christmas tree, ornaments make fabulous souvenirs from your travels.  They are compact and light so they fit in your luggage and do not add much weight.

They are a wonderful memory of a place, an adventure, or something that happened on your trip.  Ornaments are fairly easy to find year round.  The best part is that you can buy the ornament and stuff it in the closet when you get home without feeling guilty!

Every time I look at souvenirs when we travel, I have to ask myself if I am going to have a place for it or will it just end up in a closet and, later, a garage sale. Just because I love it in the store does not mean I will love it at home.  Ornaments only come out of the closet/box/attic once a year so you don’t have to find a display case or shelf for them.    

My husband and I bought our first ornament in New Orleans, Louisiana on our honeymoon.  After ten years of marriage and many trips, we have enough ornaments from our travels to cover an entire Christmas tree.  When we put up the tree, I make hot chocolate and we start a fire in the fireplace.  We spend hours reminiscing about all of our travels as we pull out each ornament and hang it on the tree.  That first ornament from our honeymoon has a place of honor and is always hung in the same spot high up on the tree.  It is the first ornament to go on and the last to come off the tree. 

Do you pick up ornaments when you travel?