GasAppsRoad trips are common family vacations. Sometimes you head to Grandmas’s or to Disney or the Grand Canyon. Your trips may be a few hours or even a few days. Regardless, one of the most important components to a successful road trip is the need of affordable fuel! This is one of the most costly components to the trip.

Fluctuations in Gas Prices

Gas prices aren’t the same across the country, state, county or even city. We find fluctuations in gas prices all the time. Have you noticed driving through your own city? Many of us know exactly where that ridiculously expensive gas station is in town. You know not to go there, but would a traveler driving through? As you begin your road trip, be sure to look at the different smart phone apps available to help you find the best gas prices throughout your trip. You want to strategize, as much as possible, to gas up at places where the prices aren’t high up.

Gas Buddy App Showed Deals on US1


During a recent road trip from Miami to Key West I downloaded Gas Buddy onto my Windows8X smartphone. The app showed how gas prices differed from start to finish! According to Gas Buddy, the further away from Miami one travels when heading South on US1 the higher the prices go. I really wasn’t all that surprised. Gas stations have you at their mercy, especially after you’ve crossed the Seven Mile Bridge and you’re in the Lower Keys – you don’t have many stations to choose from. The GasBuddy App on the phone was easy to use and saved us about 15c a gallon. That’s a huge savings! Imagine if our trip was 1000 miles!

Smartphone Apps

Beyond Gas Buddy, there a a number of different apps available to assist travelers locate the best gas prices. Visit your smartphone’s application store to search for one that best meets your needs.

Technology In Travel

Using technology on road trips can save you tons of money. Finding last minute hotel deals, coupons for meals or best prices for gas are all in the palm of your hand with your smart phone. What are some of your favorite travel apps for your smart phone?

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