Q: I try to stay connected with my kids when I’m away, usually with phone calls and emails; but my husband has asked me to stop calling so frequently. He says the children are inconsolable after we hang up the phone. I’m torn! I don’t want my children to forget me when I’m away, but I don’t want them to think I’ve forgotten them, either.

 A:  Traveling moms are on a round-the-clock guilt trip from the moment they walk out the door until they arrive home. But if the routine at home stays consistent, kids do OK. Leave something of yours in the open that’s familiar to them. It can be a blanket, pair of pajamas, or slippers. If they really miss you, they have something nearby as a “security blanket.” Prearrange a call schedule with your significant other, and then fill the kids in on the plan so they know what to expect. Then, most importantly, don’t deviate. When your own guilt takes over, take out a picture but don’t pick up the phone!