Photo Credit: Connie Roberts/Disabled TravelingMom

You can always bring your service animal to Disney World. But, did you know that you can bring your dog, bird, cat or hamster too? Best Friends Pet Care boards your pet with caring staff while you park hop.

Best Friends Pet Care offers various types of services. Choose the boarding package that fits your pets’ personality and your pocketbook. Think your dog deserves a VIP Luxury Suite? Want your cat to enjoy cookies and milk at bedtime? Play time, dog walking and special treats will spoil your pet just like you do at home.

During my recent visit to Walt Disney World, I traveled with my pets for the first time. I boarded my two kittens at Best Friends in a Two Level Kitty Condo. Reservations were made over the phone and I was pleased to get a DVC discount. Mulit-pet discounts are also presented. Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly staff who realized that the dogs were upsetting both Tigger and Columbus. They were invited into Kitty City while payment was made.


Each type of pet has its own area for comfort and is staffed 24 hours per day. I was able to visit my cats at almost any time, depending on the Disney park hours, which made me feel much better about leaving them in a strange place. Emails are sent with updates and photos of Best Friends Pet Care’s clientele.

BestFriendsPetCareLogoYou will realize just how much the workers care about pets from the way they welcome, talk to and play with your fur babies. I knew that my kittens would be well-cared for and loved on. Cats are taken out of their condos during litter box cleanings (about three times per day). The entire area is spotless and sanitized. Both sides of the room are large windows opened to the outdoors. Toys and other goodies are found in Kitty City.

After six days at Best Friends Pet Care, my kittens were clean, well-fed and excited to see me and my family. We even received a Report Card that informed us about their temperament, potty behavior, etc. We will definitely bring our pets to Disney World again.

Have you ever boarded your pet at your travel destination? What was your experience?