BowlingAlleyFun family time is wanted by all whether the family is enjoying a vacation across the state or laying low and having a staycation in their own city. When researching the activities for your time together, come up with a rainy-day plan! There are great museums that will keep you dry but sometimes kids (and adults) need a little play time too!

Big Chain Alleys

Across the states a popular bowling alley is packed with great decor, lively music and a fabulous menu. Yes, Splitsville, the bowling alley chain throughout the Southeast is a great rainy-day activity when traveling in the area. Click here to see the various locations. Along the same style and cost is Bowlmor Lanes, which are often called Strike. We have been to both Bowlmor Bethesda (Bethesda, MD) and Strike Miami. They have 10 locations spread across the states. Their Miami location has been voted best bowling alley in Miami. Both Splitsville and Bowlmor/Strike are fun, neon light bowling alleys that offer bowling, other activities and delicious dining too!

Mom & Pop AlleysMapleLogo

Ask the locals! If you are out of your own city, ask your waitress, retail clerk or whomever that is from the area where everyone goes bowling. If you are up in the NY area (Long Island, Brooklyn & Queens) you might hear about any of the 5 Maple Family Centers, with 5 bowling centers (Maple Lanes in Brooklyn, JIB Lanes in Queens, Rockville Centre Lanes, Farmingdale Lanes & Coram Country Lanes on Long Island). These bowling centers have it all. According to Teresa McCarthy, Director of Community Outreach of the Maple Family Centers, “Bowling is a great, family fun, multi-generational activity that everyone can participate in at their own level & at the same time. Grandparents, parents & kids can all bowl together on the same lane with or without accommodations for the little ones (bumpers & ramps).”  I couldn’t agree more. My kindergartener still uses the bumpers – and I probably should too!

Staycation or Vacation Fun

Bowling is great family fun no matter the location or reason to go! They also make a great activity for grandparents! “Our bowling centers provide affordable entertainment in a safe, smoke-free & clean environment. It makes perfect sense for families on vacation or even on staycations to turn to bowling for relaxed family bonding even some friendly competition,” shared Teresa. She’s right!