cleanrestroomIf you have been on a road trip with kids, you have had that moment.  The one where your little one in the back seat says that they have to go to the bathroom.  You look at your surroundings and remember that you passed a rest stop a few miles ago so there won’t be another soon enough.

You get off at the next exit and frantically look around for the gas station or restaurant that looks best kept and will hopefully (pleeeeease!) have a clean restroom.

We have traveled with portable potty seats, Clorox wipes-you name it, we have tried it-but nothing is better than a clean bathroom when you are traveling with your kids.  After many roadtrips, we have found that the best bathrooms stops are coupled with an attraction of some sort!  It allows the kids to get out some energy, pick up a treat or a surprise, and we almost always learn something new!   When we map out our road trips, I try to find some fun roadside stops that can double as restroom breaks.  They may be factories, stores, restaurants, or gas stations!  Sometimes they are a few minutes off of the Interstate, but they are always worth the drive!  Here are some of our favorites from around the nation!

Yankee Candle Company Flagship Store near Colonial Williamsburg is an attraction by itself!  We just stopped to use the restroom but ended up buying some of the best tasting caramel corn we have ever had and hand dipping our own candles to take home.


Boyds Bear Country is located just outside Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  You will never see so many Boyd’s Bears in one place!  Make your own Boyd Bear, look at the displays, or pick up a sweet treat!

Mayfield Dairyin Braselton, Georgia is perfect for the traveler with a sweet tooth.  You can take the tour or just wander the store and pick up some Mayfield ice cream at an excellent price!    

Priester’s Pecans, off of I-65 in Fort Deposit, Alabama, has some of the cleanest restrooms we have seen (at least whenever we stop!).  Sample the pecans, try some divinity, or pick up some Alabama or Auburn gear.

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Parkis located in Tallahassee, Florida near I-10.   Whenever possible while we travel, we make a picnic lunch and find a state park.  State parks have plenty of room for the kids to walk around and they always have beautiful picnic spots.  Maclay Gardens is the perfect stop for us when driving from Pensacola to Jacksonville, Florida.  The gardens are beautiful year round and you can spend a few minutes to a few hours here.

The kids will love to run around and climb the playground equipment at the John Duncan Memorial Park located right off of Highway 98 in Navarre, Florida.  If it is summertime, stop by the Panhandle Butterfly House to see the butterflies.

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming is a great stop to make when driving from Casper to Cody, Wyoming because it is right in the middle of the two.  Wander through the Dinosaur Center, get a snack, or if you have time you can head out to the dig sites. 

What are your favorite pitstops when you are traveling with kids?