ask a tmomAt we love answering your questions. This week’s query comes to us from Makeez Sultan Ashrafnia, who is taking a baby to Europe. She posted her question to our Facebook page.

She writes:

I’m traveling to Europe with my 6-month-old. I was wondering what you guys thought I needed to prepare for my trip. Have you been there and done that? What should I expect, avoid and bring?

Well, Makeez, we are glad you asked. Here is some sage advice from a few of our seasoned travelers that have been there and done that with a baby in Europe.

Monique White Rubin, Abroad TravelingMom:

My kids were born in Holland and other trips around Europe were done via car.  But I traveled the other way and in terms of flying I’d say have an efficiently packed diaper bag with food, toys, diapers and Benadryl. – 

babyfaceJennifer Douma Close, Western TravelingMom

We went to Europe when my son was about ten-months-old. The key to a successful trip is remembering that they have children over there, too! I packed a ton of jarred baby food, diapers, etc and I wish that I had just purchased it once we arrived rather than carry it all with me since we didn’t have any brand name preferences. Be ready to carry your little one and invest in something that will make the baby wearing a little easier. We used a convertible backpack stroller but we had to do a lot of carrying up and down stairs.

Anuja De Silva, Cosmopolitan TravelingMom

We took my son when he was just about a year old. Here are some of the key things I noted: Having a well packed diaper bag on the plane is essential. Extra clothes for baby, diapers/wipes/Ziploc bags for dirty diapers along with any formula/food. Also remember a change of clothes for parents in case of accidents. Be organized with packing and keeping the necessities close on a flight. Having a light weight stroller was very helpful as we encountered a lot more stairs than we typically do in the U.S.  You can always get formula and baby food from a grocery store. This depends on what you’re comfortable with. If you can take food for a few days you will be relaxed about not having to rush to a grocery store. Since my son was picky we chose to take most of the food that we knew he would like. Be flexible with your baby’s schedule and your sightseeing.

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