If you’re like me (and scores of other moms), your lower back just hasn’t been the same since you’ve given birth. Top that off with a ski trip, long flight or drive and your body’s sure to shout out for help. Whether it’s a compressed nerve or muscular soreness, a steady source of heat may be just what the doctor ordered to ease back pain.

Even though heat has always helped me when my back is screaming, traditional heating pads always felt too uncomfortable to bother. And the idea of stripping down and stepping into hot shower was tough to swallow from the warmth of my own bed. Then I found a comfortable, convenient way to apply heat: Sunbeam’s Health at Home Flexible Heating Pad ($39.99, www.walgreens.com), which boasts a patented Extra Sensing Power technology to provide consistent therapeutic heat without any hot spots. This pad is so flexible that it wrapped around all of my curves to hit whichever spot screamed for aid. It conformed perfectly to my back as I lay in bed propped up with pillows. But even if you want to be more mobile, you can. An adjustable strap helps it stay put while you give yourself a pedi, watch Sex and the City reruns or clean out your closet (yeah, right!).