Summer is almost here and we’re getting excited about road trips, international jaunts and excursions to grandma’s house. Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones busy planning. Vacation time is prime time for burglaries in the home. Here are some ways to keep your home safe when you are out.

Nothing kills a post-vacation buzz like a burgled home. And even having to constantly worry about whether your house is secure when you’re away can ruin a vacation. Follow our home safety tips to ensure so you can travel and enjoy your well-deserved break without worry.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe When You’re on the Road

  1. Notify neighbors or friends/family that live nearby that you will be traveling and request they keep an eye on the house.
  2. Install a home alarm system and make sure you have pronounced signage showing that your house is protected.
  3. Pinterest-safetyConsider a house sitter – someone who will stay over and keep an eye on things. Even if the sitter cannot stay, it’s worth it if they can visit once or twice a day to feed the cats, water the plants, that sort of thing. It will make the house appear occupied, which will ward off some potential burglars.
  4. If you can’t get a house sitter, nominate someone as your Emergency Captain. Make sure this person has your contact details for where you are going to be and understands the expectations of their role. Example: should they call you if someone gets mugged on your street? Or is it restricted solely to your house and belongings?
  5. Tell the mailman to hold your post. There’s no bigger giveaway of an empty house than piles of mail on your doorstep. Ditto the newspaper.
  6. Make it business as usual. If you usually have a porch light on or leave shoes outside the house, make travel time no different so as not to tip off anyone who might be watching.
  7. Save the social media brags for when you get back. This may be hard to do in our post-happy generation, but it’s pretty important for keeping your home safe. You can always #latergram your photos, and you get to relive the whole trip!

Safe and Happy Travels!