Prepare Now for summer.

Photo Credit: Becky Davenport, Budget TMOM

Is it too far ahead to be thinking about summer vacation? No! Especially not if you have a family and budget.

We all know vacation is expensive, but the last thing we want to do is let vacation add more stress to our life. I find there a little things that I can do that will make my life and vacation easier.

  1. Start saving now – open a savings account at your bank and put away money now to help cover your vacation expenses. You must be faithful and dedicated to this – make it 10% and think about having it automatically transferred so you don’t even notice it missing.
  2. Think about off the beaten path trips – places like Missouri, Ohio, or
    even Texas can offer amazing vacations for a fraction of the price compared to a beach destination.
  3. Have you camped or glamped lately?  Camping or even glamping is a great way to cut cost and have an amazing vacation. Reservations at a state park are a great deal cheaper than staying at a hotel. If you are thinking about camping, now is the time to start gathering up supplies, looking for deals, and making reservations.

    Photo Credit: Becky Davenport

    Photo Credit: Becky Davenport, Budget TMOM

  4. Save your pennies – all that loose change that makes it through your washer? Start collecting that now. When vacation time comes around you will be amazed how much extra money you have to spend.
  5. Pay off your credit cards – if you are planning on using your credit cards for vacation, start paying them off now. This will give you a fresh start and a larger amount of available credit for your vacation.
  6. Shop for your vacation wardrobe – if you like to have new or something different to wear while you travel, now is the time to start shopping.  Check out the local consignment shops, garage sales, and thrift stores; you will be amazed on how stylish you can look for a low price.

Vacation is meant to stress free. Budgets, debts, and money problems are all stressors in everyone’s life. Avoid those stressors by being prepared, organized, and saving money.