road_trip_familyIf you would rather do something different this year than the usual beach vacation, check out these unique family vacation ideas, which include everything from a volunteering vacation to a snowmobiling trip.

Take a genealogy vacation. Go on a unique trip and trace your family’s roots and travel to the places where your ancestors grew up. Whether you decide to visit your grandparents’ hometown or venture to the country from which your great-great-grandfather emigrated, you can tailor the trip to your family’s timeframe and budget. An added bonus: it will be an interactive history lesson.

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Look for snow alternatives. Bundle up and head to a ski lodge in the mountains this winter, but look beyond the tradition downhill skiing options. Try snowboarding, dog sledding or snowmobiling. If you choose to snowmobile, don’t forget to get snowmobile insurance to stay protected on the trails. Check out snowmobile insurance coverage to get an affordable policy before your trip.

Take a national park road trip. Take a road trip across the United States to discover some of the country’s most scenic national parks. Experience picturesque scenery and stay active by hiking, fishing or even mountain-biking through the parks. For some route ideas for this family vacation, check out these preplanned national park road trips to get started.

Head to a family camp. There are many types of family camps available, whether your family wants to stay at a traditional camp, a language camp or even a sailing camp. From kayaking to pottery-making, these camps offer plenty of different activities that each person can enjoy.

Take a volunteer vacation. Give back and help others on your next trip by taking a volunteer vacation. Your family can go on an international service trip or stay in the U.S. and volunteer at a local service project site. The options are endless, but it will be a trip that the whole family will remember.

Whether your family decides to go on a national park road trip or embrace the cold and head to a ski lodge, these unique family vacation ideas will help you and your loved ones plan a fun and different trip. And no matter where you end up vacationing, don’t forget to pack the camera.

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