Capitol_One_Bowl_Game_military_tdy_turned_Family_VacationMilitary spouses are constantly left behind.  We have to keep the family going and take care of literally everything while our spouses are off doing who knows what in the middle of nowhere for who knows how long.  When the rare TDY (military term for work trip) comes along to somewhere pleasurable, it’s even harder to be left behind.

My advice, go with them.  Pack up the kids and take a mini family vacation.  Some of the best vacations we have had were going with my husband on his work trips to places like Orlando and Vegas

Here are 5 Tips to turn a TDY into a family vacation:

  • Figure out sleeping arrangements in advance.  If your spouse is staying in a hotel, just call and ask for two beds instead of one.  If they are staying on base, you can call and ask for a TLF room instead or connecting rooms that share a bathroom. 
  • Plan something to do during each day your spouse has to work.  Make it something fun, but easy for one parent to handle.  Remember to ask if they have a military discount
  • Plan out your budget and stick to it.  This trip is not something you planned out in advance, so find ways to cut costs.  You could have breakfast in the room, if the hotel doesn’t provide one.  This eliminates the cost of feeding the entire family a meal at a restaurant.
  • Drive as a family to the location of the TDY.  The military will reimburse you for gas costs up to the amount your spouse’s plane ticket would have cost.
  • Find free activities in the area.  Every city has free stuff to do; you just have to look for it.  Check out Free in 50 States before you go.

Meagan is our Military Traveling Mom. You can also find her blogging at Mommy Travels. She has a passion for family travel, including maximizing military travel options. For more of Meagan’s adventures find her on facebook Mommy Travels, or follow her on twitter @MommyTravels