Chaz 1When out and about, there are a lot of little things we can do to become more eco-conscious dog travelers and these are a few great places to start.

* Use Biodegradable bags when cleaning up waste from your dog. The reasons are obvious on this one but every little bit helps reduce the amount of pet waste in landfills.

* Purchase green products for your pet or service dog wherever possible. Choose bedding, toys and accessories made from recycled and renewable resources when feasible. Bamboo, cotton, hemp and other recycled materials are great choices.

* Consider microchipping. This not only improves your chances of finding your dog quickly should he or she get lost but it reduces waste of paper and fliers should you campaign looking for your dog.


* Make your own natural and healthy dog treats or dog food for the road. By making homemade dog treats or dog food, you not only cut down on packaging but you provide a healthier and more natural alternative for your furry friend.

* Repurpose household items into dog accessories. With a little creativity it is possible to find many ways to repurpose. Old bedding might become dog bedding, and some childrens’ toys can even find new life as they become dog toys. Many things around the home, garage, and yard can become safe dog accessories. When you plan to throw something out or donate it, think of ways it might serve your faithful companion and honor the environment at the same time. This makes sense on the road and at home.


Carmel L. Mooney is the editor of, an online travel magazine. Carmel co-hosts a travel radio show every Sunday at noon on KJAY 1430 AM in Sacramento. Her family travel column can be read in California Kids Magazine at: You can follow her on Twitter: @CarmelLeeMooney or Facebook. Carmel is also the Executive Director of Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions, a non-profit that trains and places Autism Service Dogs. You can read her service dog blog at: