Tips1“You’re in charge of assigning the bedrooms. Who sleeps with whom when all of us go to the big beach house?”

That’s what I told 10-year-old Emily and 14-year-old Will, great-grandchildren by marriage to 65-year-old me since I married a man with families.

Sound like responsible layered family request to you? Perhaps not.

Here’s why it is. Our home away from home for a week is part of the King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort on a spectacular Georgia barrier island.


Will and Emily are the oldest of all the grand and great-grandchildren on this particular blended family journey. They need more fun than babysitting. What’s also for them to do?

Tips2The other children joining hubby and me this time are little kids, ages two and three, and a bunch who are five. That’s the first tip:

Older children choose

Teens and almost teens won’t resent time spent on little kid stuff if they are the ones who scheduled it.

Sleeping is personal

Since oldest kids can also be young enough to clearly need (grand)parenting, providing recommendations/preferences in advance eases the arrival at the resort time. An elder, of course, ultimately decides, with more skill after receiving preference clues.

Packing for the road

Teens and tweens, if required, can hopefully pack lightly since their research told the rest of us a washing machine is in the beach house. Might ask them who is in charge of washing? Drying too?

Tips3Inspect the trunk

Car, not QE2 cruise my generation already enjoyed.  Five can sit in the car. Two need proper seat. Grocery space? Ask the kiddos that dilemma.

Cuisine at beach house

Groceries, menus, snacks: multi generational vacations encompass many tastes. Helps if all the players know they prefer organic, free range. No pesticides. No high fructose. Those older kids selecting menus can consider the behavior of the little ones when cuisine triggers energy.

Next 5 Tips: Considerations when big family is blended with multiple ways the “tree branches” connects. Which now-divorced family members come the the big beach house too?