dogin-suitcaseTaking the family pet on vacation with you can make lots of great memories.  But did you know there are rules and regulations to flying with a pet in cabin?  Here are 5 tips that will help streamline that process.
Which pets can fly with me?
It varies greatly with each airline.  Some only allow cats and dogs.  Others allow dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hampsters and guinea pigs.  You will definately want to check with the airline to see if your pet can come in the cabin with you.  

Can my pet go anywhere I want to fly?
No, pets cannot go to every destination.  Pets are accepted in cabin on most flights through the continuous United States.  Pets are not accepted in cabin to Hawaii.  Internationally, pet acceptance varies.  Some countries have strict guidelines about bringing pets.  There may be health or quarantine requirements.  These restrictions can take as much as 6 months of advance planning.

What are the kennel requirements?
Pets in cabin must fit and stay under the seat in front of you.  The airlines have specific dimensions that your carrier must fit.  Also pets must be able to sit, stand and turn around in the carrier.  Some airlines have kennels available to sell at the ticket counter.  These are based on availability and may not be in stock when you arrive.  Please call the airline to check availability.  With most airlines, a pet carrier counts as your checked baggage.

What paperwork do I need for my pet?
Your pet will need a health certificate from a vet.  In most cases this will need to be dated no more than 10 days before your flight.  Some destinations, especially international travel, will require much more paperwork.  This is based on your destination.  Check with the airline to make sure you are prepared.

Is there a charge to travel in cabin with my pet?
The fees vary by airline.  But be prepared for a charge.  It can range anywhere from $50 to $150 each way.  Also, you most likely won’t be able to book a pet in cabin online.  You will need to call the airline to make arrangements.

If your pet doesn’t meet these requirements, you may be able to fly with them in the cargo area.  You will need to contact the airlines for more information on that option.  These tips do not apply to service animals.  For more great tips on traveling with pets, join us monday night on twitter. We will be talking all about pet travel.  

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