If you only had one day to visit Disneyland, would you still go? I say absolutely. Any chance for Disney is a good one. One day is short, however, there are several things you can do at Disneyland in one day to make your visit more memorable.

Disneyland in one day

Set your expectations

You need to know upfront that you will not be able to see and do everything Disneyland has to offer. Especially if you are visiting during a peak crowded time. Realizing this and not letting your self get frustrated over it is the first step to enjoying your day at Disneyland.

Disney Characters or Rides

Decide what is most important to you. If you are traveling with young children, you might want to focus on characters and parades. If you have teenagers or thrill seekers rides might be better for you. Either way, it is good to break down your one day Disneyland trip into activities or characters.

If you choose characters you will have lots to do. There are meet and greets all over the parks. There will also be shows and parades. These are nice because they can give you a break. Sit down and enjoy. We especially love the Jedi Training Academy.  Remember your autograph books and have your cameras ready.


just one day at DisneyladThe good thing about choosing rides is that you can focus on fun and adventure. While others are enjoying a parade or show, the lines tend to die down; that is good for you. Consider doing a character meal.  You have to eat anyway and this can give you a little character interaction and a bit of the best of both worlds.

Planning is key when visiting Disneyland

Before you arrive at Disneyland, plan out your day.  Make sure and take advantage of Disney’s Fastpass system. There are several apps that can help you.  You can find everything from maps of the park to wait times for rides.  Search Disney in your marketplace.

Decide which rides and shows are a must see. For us, it is Toy story mania.  And there is no fastpass for this ride.  We always try and hit it first thing.  Otherwise you could be waiting 1-2 hrs in line for this ride. I also suggest you do everything you can to see World of Color.  It is an amazing experience.  Not to be missed!A good plan can help you experiencemore; it  stops the “what do we do next” time wasters. Try to prepurchase your park tickets. Those lines can be long and will take up time.

Pack well

Make sure you have everything you need for the day; you don’t want to waste time running back to the hotel or car, so pack waterbottles, sunscreen, camera, etc. Be aware of footwear; a well-placed blister can ruin your experience. You will need to have your bags accessible. They will be checked as you enter the park, so prepare for this. These theme park survival tips are a great resource.

Enjoy Disneyland

Being at Disneyland is a great experience no matter how much time you have.  Don’t be so frazzled that you forget to enjoy it.  Take time to look at the expressions on your children’s faces.  Hold hands with your spouse.  See your teenagers turn into little kids again.  It’s the magic of Disney and it’s real.

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