National Football League Draft 2015.

Photo credit National Football League.

NFL Draft Day is here and that means football season is just around the corner.  Being a big football fan and having the twins in college, I’m taking an interest in this year’s draft.  As some of our favorite college players will get a chance to join an NFL team, I thought I’d investigate some facts about this year’s NFL draft.  Oh, the next 72 hours should be fun, especially if you’re actually in Chicago!

5 Things You Should Know About This Year’s NFL Draft Days

  1. Since 1965, the NFL Draft Days have been held in New York City, with Radio City Music Hall hosting the past nine years.  But this year, Chicago will host the NFL Draft Days, starting tonight at 7PM CST.  And, let me tell you that Chicago is ready!  If you are attending the draft and will be in town for a few days, here are some great tips for things to do,
  2. The order of the teams in the draft pick is based on win-loss records. The team with the lowest ranking, that is least wins, gets first pick and on from there.  This year, Tampa Bay should receive the first pick.
  3. Chicago has built Draft Town in Grant Park, which is free and open to the public, and offers lots to do.  Draft Town includes a Super Bowl Pop Up Museum, a flag football tournament, 32 fan caves, plus 50 beers on tap.  If you just have to enter that flag football tournament, there is a $250 entry fee per team.
  4. One of my favorite chefs has been chosen the “culinary curator”.  James Beard nominee, Master Chef Judge, and Michelin Star holder, Graham Elliot, has hand chosen the food vendors for Draft Town.  With him at the helm, the food should be top notch.
  5. The city of Chicago is expected to have over 100,000 people visit Draft Town over the weekend.  That is a lot of people and the city hopes to hit it big this year to make it two in a row and be the home of NFL Draft Day 2016.

So, cross your fingers and let’s hope our favorite players have their NFL draft dreams come true over the next 72 hours…