road trip with kidsRoad trips are made for families. In my family, every summer brings a multi-day road trip from Connecticut to Kentucky. To make it a great family bonding experience, I require the everyone turn off their electronics and tune into family at least for a while. I also make sure the car is in tip-top shape for the trip, that we have a plan for where we’re going to stay and that everyone is safe and sound. Here are my 5 steps to a better family road trip:

Get the Imaginations Going

We invented a road trip car game in which we look for towns with the most ridiculous sounding names and then we work together to make up a story about the town and how it got its name. The sillier, the better.

ProductReviewMake the Trip Affordable

Rewards programs are a key way to save money on your trip. Wyndham Hotel Group has more hotels than anyone else in the world. And the Wyndham rewards loyalty program guarantees rewards after just one stay. It’s free to join and right now you can save up to 25 percent and earn bonus points by booking on the Wyndham Rewards website.

Get Your Car in Shape

Turtle Wax Product LineIn addition to basic pre-trip car maintenance like having your oil changed and tires checked, spend a little time getting the exterior of your car in shape too. Turtle Wax has a great Jet Black line with products like Endura-Shine Tire & Trim that feature tint technology and restore finishes. It offers powerful UV protection against future fading. There’s a $7 mail-in rebate on the products through Oct. 31, 2014 via a Facebook promotion.

Go Online

Delphi hotspotUnfortunately, the ridiculous town name game can only keep my teens turned into a family for a short while. Sooner or later, they’re going to tune back into their phones. All of that texting, surfing and downloading can eat up our data plan. I would much rather have them using wifi, which we can do thanks to Delphi Connect. It’s a 4G LTE Wifi hotspot that plugs into your car and can connect up to 5 devices. In addition to keeping the teens connected Delphi Connect also provides vehicle diagnostics alerts so you know when your car is having issues.

Keep Everyone Comfortable

Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX Cambridge 2My kids are teens now but they would have liked the new Evenflo ProComfort Symphony Car Seat when they were babies. The ProComfort features innovative gel-matrix technology. Think shoe insoles for your baby’s car seat. It reduces pressure points, which means a more peaceful ride for the whole family.

This is a sponsored post. The companies mentioned here paid a fee to have their product included. The opinions, however, are all mine.