credit-cardsIf you happen to be a frequent traveling mom who likes to be treated like Tina Fey must be treated when she travels with her family, try using the card Tina uses: the American Express Platinum card. 

I love my platinum card, and it’s not just because I feel cool whipping it out or that Tina Fey also rocks one.

It saves me time, money and makes me feel like a rock star. No, I am not getting paid to write this ode to my credit card, but you all should know that you can feel like a V.I.P. too. Here are the top five reason I love my platinum American Express card:

V.I.P. Service 

Nothing says love like a suite at a nice hotel. When you book through Amex’s Fine Hotels and Resorts program you get: a discount off the rack rate, a room upgrade, a swank amenity (think $100 room service credit, free breakfast, varies by hotel) and a guaranteed 4 pm check out.

Access to Airline Clubs 

tmomamexpicYou’ve always been able to go to the Delta, American and Continental clubs when flying on their airline and flashing your platinum card. Now Amex is offering a free membership to Priority Pass, so now I have access to over 600 clubs worldwide, no matter which airline I’m flying.

Why is that so cool? Check out my minis hanging in the kids computer lounge at the American Airlines lounge in London while I drank tea and watched the Wimbledon finals. 

Premium Global Assist if things go wrong

Land yourself in a Tijuana jail? Amex will help you find a lawyer and a translator. The company won’t, however, post bail. 

Lose a passport? They’ll help you locate the nearest embassy and provide advice on how to replace your passport. 

Worst case scenario medical emergency? Amex will pay to medivac you and your family to the hospital nearest to your home as long as you’re more than 100 miles away. 

Save on Those Pesky Airline Fees 

Annoyed at having to pay for peanuts, a pillow and to check your luggage? You can recoup $200 annually on airline fees when you enroll your card and use it to charge those peanuts (because you know the airlines no longer take cash). 

Rewards and Exclusive Invitations 

tmomamexYour card earns rewards for every dollar you spend, you can then use them for everything from travel to buying diapers on Amazon. I love it when things feel free, even if they’re not. Platinum member also get invitations to exclusive deals such as suites at the US Open. And we’re back to feeling like a V.I.P. 

Yes the card costs $450/yr., but if you use it right, you’ll save more than you spend, roll like a big dog and always feel a little cool dropping the platinum card when it’s time to pay.