Technology. It is both our best friend and our worst enemy. On Tuesday, a glitch caused United Airlines to ground all of its flights for 40 minutes. It is easy to plan and prepare for flights but how do you prepare for a glitch? These 4 travel tips will keep you ahead of the pack when the next glitch happens.

Social Media is Your Friend

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DON’T get onto Twitter and read through all the hype and believe it but DO tweet directly to the airline–especially if a connecting flight is going to be impacted.

Many times the airline’s customer service team will have you DM your confirmation information to them so they can make necessary changes without you ever having to call or stand in line. United is particularly good at Twitter customer service.

Try Not to Book Short Connections

We all know that layovers are a necessary evil. However if you have the choice between a 31 minute layover and an hour and 20 minute one you may want to go with the latter. Airlines run behind consistently and choosing a longer layover could save you some sprinting and missed flights later in the game.

Plan for Delays

Nobody likes to plan for the worst case scenario but you’ll be glad that you did. Often when ground stops happen you are already on the plane and end up just sitting there. Be sure to fully charge any devices, carry a backup portable charger, and pack snacks.

Don’t Check Luggage

suitcaseWhen travel plans need to change do you know what holds you back? Checked luggage.

First, when glitches happen lines get long and you’ll end up standing in a line 40 deep to check that suitcase. Next you still have to wait in line at security. That line might be longer with recent sub par TSA reports coming out. Then, when you’re through security and things are still moving slowly, another flight will catch your eye and the airline rep will ask if you checked luggage when you ask to switch. Make your life easier. Pack a carry-on.

Hopefully these 4 tips will help you to plan for the unexpected as we head into the busy summer travel season.

What is your favorite tip for easy travel? Share with us in the comment section below.