Disney-World-TicketsAs you might be aware, Disney ticket prices went up during the summer. Disneyland adult tickets went from $80 to$87 and one-day Park Hopper ticket went from $105 to $125. Since we canโ€™t skip a family trip to Disneyland, we have to find ways to save, especially during Halloween and the holiday season.

1-Buy souvenirs before you go to Disney.

Hit a Walmart, Target, or Kmart store and buy a couple of souvenirs, such as autographs books, shirts, hats and give it to your kids at Disney, youโ€™ll save tons of money!

disney-merchandise2-Bring your own food.

Disneyland security will check for glass bottles but you can bring plastic bottles, sandwiches, chips, snacks etc.

3-Donโ€™t stay at a Disney hotel.

I know it might not be the same if you donโ€™t stay at one of the charming Disney hotels, but looking for a hotel about a mile from Mickeyโ€™s house will save you hundreds of dollars, plus a lot of these hotels offer free shuttle service, youโ€™ll also save on parking fees.

These are three simple tips I practice when I visit Disney and I save at least $500! Plan ahead your Disney trip, so you and your family can really make you and your dreams come alive at the Happiest Place on Earth.