Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios OrlandoUniversal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a magical place for anyone who has read the books, seen the movies or want to believe in the fantasy. These four tips will help you make the most of a day at the Orlando, Florida, theme park.

1. Stay at a Universal Orlando Resort.  Staying at Universal Orlando Resort entitles you to get into the park an hour before the park opens to the general public. You have three resorts from which to choose: Hard Rock Resort, Royal Pacific and Portofino. All are uniquely designed, have different amenities and prices, but all offer the same benefit of early and late night access to the theme park.

2. Arrive at Islands of Adventure entrance early.  If you can’t stay at a Universal Orlando Resort, then get there when the park opens at 9am, or even earlier so you are the first in line.

3. Head to the Dragon Alley ride first. It is the most popular ride, hence has the longest line. By getting there early, it allows your child the chance to ride it again. Trust me if they are under 12 they will want to ride it again.

4. Head to Olivander’s Wand Shop before going to the other rides. This has the second longest line after the Dragon Alley ride. Because the shop is small (and I mean small,) it can only accommodate about 15 people at a time. If you get there later in the morning, the line can take up to an hour to get in.