“My husband and I have our “wish list” of places we’d like to visit, and then keep our eyes open for opportunities to get there. For example, our recent trip to Italy came about when a friend offered to share a rental on Lake Como.

We also try to take advantage of opportunities for personal travel that complement business travel. Three years ago, for instance, we sandwiched a week’s trip to Ireland in between two business events taking place on Long Island. Instead of flying from Cincinnati to New York two weekends in a row, we looked into European destinations with short flights from JFK. Bingo! Ireland was just 5-1/2 hours away! Finally, our rule is to NEVER convert our Euros back to U.S. dollars; then we’re obligated to go back (and have money to start our next trip.)”
—Suzanne Bona, Creator and Host, Sunday Baroque and Professional Flutist

“I’ve been planning my marathons in fun places with fun people – San Diego, Disney. Next I’ll be heading to San Francisco. These are usually quick weekend trips but they give me a chance to get away to some great destinations.”
—Dr. Tracy Johnson, Veterinarian and Avid Runner

“I try to be realistic in my choices of places I can go and then set money aside each pay period for a trip fund. This year I’m looking at more road trips than travel abroad, sort of a “staycation.” I do plan to go to Mexico in the fall, Montreal, too. I’m crossing my fingers the swine flu stays at bay.”
—Aaliyah Miller, Writer www.aaliyah-miller.blogspot.com