Airport Childrens Play Area TelAvivHow do you reduce stress when you’re flying with kids? People ask me that all the time and I tell them to plan to arrive at the airport early. You don’t know what traffic or security lines will be like so if you are early that alleviates that issue. 

As I said during a sponsored family travel media appearance, whether you’re booking a flight or planning a road trip, you always want to have activities on hand to keep not just the kids but the whole family entertained during travel.

ProductReviewRather than packing lots of electronics and cords, opt for a single device that does it all like this Windows 8 PC by made Acer. It has a dock and Bluetooth keyboard that make it easy to switch from laptop to tablet. What’s really great is it supports more than one person touching the screen at a time, so the kids can play games together.  Plus, Windows 8 gives you access to your photos, files and sharing so it’s a dream tool to keep us parents organized on-the-go! 

Tips for Saving Money when Traveling with Kids

Another common question is how to save money when you’re traveling with kids. One of my favorite ways is to book a vacation rental instead of a hotel. They’re ideal for families because they are traditionally about half the cost for twice the space and they provide flexibility and amenities such as a kitchen, which saves on dining out.

I know my kids really like to have their own room too. Check out, which has more than 500,000 properties available for rent around the world of all sizes and for all budgets!  With HomeAway, you can spend less time crammed in one room and more time re-connecting.

How Do You Have More Fun When Traveling with Kids?

The best way to maximize your vacation time is to be organized.

A perfect app for traveling that can help play your personal assistant and take worry off the table is TripIt. It’s free and makes it so simple to organize all your travel plans in one place.

Just take your airline, hotel and car rental confirmation emails and send them to That’s it! Like magic, this app creates your itinerary in one place including maps and directions then syncs your travel info with your calendar so all your information is where you need it, including confirmation numbers.

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