Dirty Hotel RoomsYou arrive at a beautiful hotel for your weekend getaway. Everything appears clean and smells great. But, ew. You don’t know what the previous guest(s) did and touched in your room! Were they sick? Were they dirty? Without visualizing too much and giving yourself an upset stomach, bring disinfecting wipes on your next trip and be sure to clean to top spots where fingers touch and bacteria lingers!

Here are 3 spots to clean upon arriving to your hotel room:

  1. Remote Control – A device grabbed by all when they are snuggled in bed. But, hands may or may not have been washed after the last sneeze, cough or nose picking. Wipe that remote before you touch it! See here for specific directions and video on cleaning your home remote.
  2. Door knobs! – A quick wipe on the door knobs – don’t forget the bathroom door – can help prevent you inadvertently getting whatever yuckiness that may have recently been touched!
  3. The Telephone! – You’ll nestle your ear up to listen but be careful with how close your mouth comes to the mouth piece or what stickiness might be on the dialpad. Wipe it well!

Hotel cleaning staff typically does a remarkable job cleaning the rooms, but don’t take the chance on what they might have missed. Cleaning these 3 items on each hotel room visit could help keep the last guests’ cooties away! Unless you can make it to the PURE Room at Hotel 43 in Boise, Idaho where the rooms have cutting edge cleaning technology, do your part and up your odds on a clean stay!

Caroline Murphy is a South Florida mom of 2 who enjoys travel, great food and smart product. She shares her been there, done that experiences at SmartyPantsMama.com and the Smarty Pants Mama Media network (Youtube, LinkedIn.com, Instagram, Pinterest)