printerRoad trips. The very phrase can put fear in parents and children alike. Am I going to have to listen to Dora the Explorer on repeat? Will my children try to cross the imaginary line in the car all day long? Will we have to stop every fifty miles for a bathroom break? Will the hand held video game run out of batteries before we reach our destination?

Entertaining the kids is not necessarily the biggest worry during a road trip, but it definitely ranks up there.  Also, I like to make sure that my kids are still exercising their brains during the summertime. Last summer, I created homemade journals for the kids. They were a huge hit. We will be in the car for about 50 hours total this summer and I know that these printables will help keep my kids occupied.

A Map of the United States or the Region You Will Be Traveling

Have your kids color in each state as you pass the stateline. You can also use an extra state page to color in as part of the license plate game. See this free printable at 50States or these outline maps at EduPlace.

The License Plate Game

You probably remember playing this during your own childhood road trips. I love this game because it can last the whole trip! Whenever my kids get bored, I tell them to get the license plate game back out and they usually look for plates for about 20 minutes. I like this printable from Dating Divas because it has pictures of the license plates or this checklist from Mom’s Minivan.

Blank Journal Pages

Print off enough journal pages so your child can journal each day of the trip. I like this page from Donna Young because it leaves the top half of the page blank. Kids can draw a picture about their trip or glue ticket stubs, brochures, and more. This journal page comes in four different rule widths.

Jennifer Close writes about her adventures on her family travel blog, Two Kids and a Map, and writes about exploring Pensacola at Pensacola with Kids.