One of my favorite travel hacks just started: flash sales called “Daily Getaways” from the U.S. Travel Association. The U.S. Travel Association partners with major travel companies five weeks every spring to release limited quantities of a specific item at 1 p.m. EST every weekday. The first two weeks of 2017 Daily Getaways, cheap vacation deals for families, are now available to view.

Discount Universal Hollywood tickets are available via 2017 Daily Getaways. Photo by Patty Holiday, Candid Traveling Mom

Discount Universal Hollywood tickets are available via 2017 Daily Getaways. Photo by Patty Holiday, Candid Traveling Mom

Great Deals from Daily Getaways

Daily Getaways offer a variety of deals over five weeks with a different one each day beginning April 10. Deals range from discount attraction tickets to vacation packages to hotel loyalty points at a huge savings. The downside: the best deals sell out faster than an Ed Sheeran concert. As a longtime veteran of the DG wars, I’m here to guide you through the minefield.

The offers below are the ones I’m stalking over the course of the promotion. My criteria include the amount of discount, likelihood you’ll be able to buy it before sellout, and ease of redemption. If you want to go for a hotel deal, make sure you’ve signed up for the hotel chain’s loyalty program first as you’ll need your account number for the transaction to go through. If a date has passed, deals may still be available- check the Daily Getaways site for details.

The No-Brainers

May 4: Marriott Gift Cards for 20% off. Total no-brainer, but the 1522 available will sell out within a day.


May 5: Orbitz $1000 Promo code for $650. There are only 55 of these so I hesitate to even mention them, but if you are extremely quick on the trigger you’ll score a steal!

April 12: Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) Reward Points for .55-.6 cents each. IHG points tend to sell out quickly, but they’re releasing a lot of packages for 2017. IHG (Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, etc.) points never expire (as long as you have any activity once a year) and are SO easy to use at thousands of locations worldwide. As a bonus, Pointbreaks, a list put out every other month, features hotels for only 5,000 points a night. Last Memorial Day, the Holiday Inn Solomon’s Island, Maryland, was on the PointBreaks list. We got a waterfront suite for $30 that included breakfast!

April 14: Wyndham has a really interesting points program: 15,000 Wyndham points for $175 ($.0117 each). Just 15,000 points gets you a night at any property in the world. Clearly you don’t want to cash those 15,000 points in for a $59 Super 8 room on the interstate! Follow my math and you’ll see why I’m bullish on this deal.

Here at Traveling Mom, we are huge fans of the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista right at the entrance of Disney Springs. Indeed, capping a night in peak season at $175 (points rates include taxes, but not resort fees) could be a great use of the points. However, my suggestion is Wyndham’s under-utilized “points plus cash” program. Redeem them for 3,000 points + a surcharge for five nights. You just need the rate to go down by $35 to break even: I’ve seen rates go down by $100 or more using 3,000 points. This offer is also very low risk as Wyndhams are everywhere and the points are good for four years.

Good with a Specific Use in Mind

May 2nd: Hilton Honors Points for approx .5 cents each. Do some sleuthing on the Hilton website first. If you see a stay where the math makes sense, go for it!

April 13: Busch Gardens Tickets ($45) and Seaworld Tickets ($50). I also expect this deal to go quickly. I’m actually headed to Busch Gardens Tampa tomorrow. It’s a really under-rated park: a nature-rich antidote to those who develop allergies to Orlando’s “magic.” Even with coupons, $45 and $50 are about as low as these parks go. The tickets are good nationwide through next May so if you have a visit in mind, grab ’em.

April 19: Universal Studios Hollywood (California only) $139 one day ticket with front of line pass. It’s the front of line pass that makes this one a great deal if you’re already headed to Hollywood.

Other Daily Getaway packages have merit, but in my experience the deals above are the best bang for your bucks.

Have you used Daily Getaways before? Please share your experience in the comments.

2017 Daily Getaways: the best deals in travel. Read on to get the scoop on the best deals coming out this year.