Sometimes, as much as we’d like to get away, we simply can’t venture beyond our own backyard. But sleeping in your own bed at night still can feel like a vacation if you follow these 10 staycation ideas. All it takes is a little creativity and some advance planning to make a staycation feel more like a real vacation.

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Winning Staycation Ideas

Yes, it would be lovely to pack up the kids and head to Hawaii for a relaxing family vacation. But, if you don’t happen to have a few thousand dollars for plane tickets, luxury accommodations and fabulous excursions, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your family vacation.

Just think–by sleeping in your own beds every night, you have freed up precious family cash to spend on excursions close to home and maybe a nice meal out. Best of all, there’s no packing list required!

These 10 staycation ideas will help make your time at home feel more like a real vacation.

1. Get Crafty

What kid doesn’t like creating  their own masterpiece?  Visit the library and check out some craft books. Pour over Pinterest for great crafty ideas. Then head to the local craft store to pick up the supplies you’ll need. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the dollar bin for some additional fun craft ideas.

2. Cook together

You’ve got the time, so head to the kitchen. Maybe you couldn’t vacation in Mexico, but you still can eat like you’re there. While you’re at the library, pick up some ethnic cookbooks. Or cruise the web for great recipes. Ask the kids where they would like to go and take them there for dinner!

3. Order Take Out

Remember, this is vacation after all. You want it to feel like one. My kids’ favorite thing to do on vacation is to order room service. At home, we never ate in front of the television. So ordering room service and eating in front of the TV while stretched out on the bed is such a decadent thing for them. Recreate that feeling in your living room. Wait for the knock on the door that says, “It’s dinner time.”

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4. Have a movie marathon

Everyone gets to pick out a movie they’d like to watch and you spend the day lying around and relaxing.

5. Have a pajama day!

Nobody gets dressed all day long.  You can combine this with #4 for an extra great day.

Staycation idea: bring the picnic inside for fun.

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6. Have an indoor picnic

Spread a blanket on the living room floor and have a picnic.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside. As an added plus, you won’t have to deal with uninvited buggy guests.

7. Put on a talent show

My kids love to put together goofy “plays” and entertain us. Usually they come complete with props and costumes from the dress-up bin. Or, if your kids are musicians, ask them to give a concert. Line up the dining room chairs, make up tickets, and have a “usher” show you to your seats. If you’re feel extra ambitious or it’s a show with several acts, make up play bills on the computer.

8. Camp indoors!

You can do this the easy way by setting up the sleeping bags on the family room floor. Or you can go all out and set up a tent in the basement. Whichever you choose, make it feel like a real camp out. If you can’t have a campfire in the back yard, make s’mores in the microwave. Then tell stories by flashlight and sing camp songs before everyone turns in for the night.

9. Head outside for some good silly fun

No matter the weather, Silly String is always fun. Head to the Dollar Store to buy a few cans, then pair off for a competitive game of Silly String. Outdoors, of course.

10. Have a good old fashioned game night

We love to pull out the board games and engage in a little friendly competition.  Sometimes we play individually, and other times we team up.  We like to switch up the teams each time we play.  We’ve also enjoyed teaching the kids card games and have been known to play poker for M&Ms.

We’v e got more great tips for the ultimate staycation.

How do you make a staycation feel more like a vacation? Tell us in the comment section below.

For those times when a staycation is the only thing that fits your family budget, check out these great ideas for making a staycation feel more like a vacation. (We think #5 is pure genius!)