boredom bustersWe routinely find ourselves on 15 hour roadtrips and this spring break is no different. We’re grandparent bound! The grandparents are happy but the kids (and the mom)… not so much.

How to keep boredom at bay on a long road trip?

**For Mom (When not Driving)**

Lost in Suburbia Cover Image smallLost In Suburbia, New Book
Grab a copy of Tracy Beckerman’s New ‘Momoir’: Lost In Suburbia. Tracy is a personal friend of mine so I’m biased and that’s all there is to it. She’s hilarious and genuine and she once stole a pair of my white pants.

“When syndicated columnist Tracy Beckerman trades in her TV job and cool NYC existence for the New Jersey suburbs, she doesn’t expect to also trade in her entire identity. … Beckerman shares her struggles with self-deprecating humor as she endeavors to reclaim her cool.”

Amy Clark The good life for less bookThe Good Life for Less, New Book
Another book I’m super excited to get my hands on is from another blogger and friend of mine: Amy Clark (blogs @ has written—The Good Life for Less.

“When Amy Clark and her husband found themselves in unexpected financial trouble right before the birth of their first child, they quickly learned the importance of smart budgeting and making a little money go a long way. In this book, Amy offers up a clever lifestyle plan that is long on creativity and short on cost to help you achieve a peaceful, thrifty home and a loving, happy family.”

But I can tell you Amy is a little fireball on a Zipline and while she may be a top 50 power mom, she’s also silly and fun to be around! You’ll love her book.

Each book is $10.20 at right now. ($9.99 Kindle)

ZEEPO! (Go Strapless!) IMAG1856
For those moms who need a road trip nap (on a 15 hour drive = best boredom buster!), I’ve been testing out the Zeepo’s new solution to a better sleep eye mask. It’s STRAPLESS! And I don’t mean like a dress. Little amazing tape strips keep the Zeepo so close to your face there is no Light Leak!

“It’s a revolutionary sleep mask that completely blocks out the light!
The sleep mask that gently binds to your face with FDA-approved, double-sided, adhesive strips which are medical grade, hypo-allergenic and latex free.”

Starter Kit is $19.95 from

**For Kids**

Start Analog: Keep them happy with lots of pencils, paper, coloring and all their little toys and gadgets. But what to do with all their stuff?

Kuvvy Vest for Kids TravelYou have to check out these new VestopiaClothes All-in-one vests! Skip the backpack while hiking or on a long road trip (or plane ride?). These vests have tons of pockets to hold all your kiddo’s travel gear. My little boy is super excited especially about the large back pocket that holds paper (he’s obsessed with Origami, believe me this is exciting for him!). Great colors in the kid’s style called a ‘Kuvvy’.

PS they come in Mom sizes too, perfect for hiking, gardening and best of all skip the diaper bag at a Theme Park!!thinkfun word around

ThinkFun has a new Word Game out. Called Word A Round. And it’s PERFECT for playing in the car! Simply place the pile of round cards down and race to see who can figure out the circular word in the black, red or blue line. First person to read 10 words wins!

Digital: Yes I’m talking Apps!

wreck it ralph storybook ebookFor younger kids we’re in love with the new Wreck It Ralph eReader Books and Activity Apps. There are 2 recently released, both for the iPad: Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe ($6.99) and Hero’s Duty Interactive Comic ($1.99).

“Relive the incredible story of the Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph. Create and Race your very own kart against other racers in the film!”

Educational App Ideas

VOCABULARY: For a little bit older kids (Ages 7-12) try the newly released MindSnacks Vocabulary game: Kids’ Vocab (Free first 2 lessons, 25 total lessons for $4.99)

mindsnacks vocabulary iPad app game“Kids’ Vocab is the first game app designed to help children truly understand words, rather than simply memorize them. Every lesson features up to 20 words and phrases that teach essential vocabulary, correct spelling, proper usage, standard pronunciation — and more.”

wild kratts math appMATH: I’m on a hunt to find the BEST math apps out there. Games that make math fun for kids, and this does a pretty good job of keeping my kids entertained AND learning! For iPad: Wild Kratts Creature Math ($1.99)

“The Wild Kratts Creature Math app is a fusion of fun and learning based on the hit PBS KIDS series Wild Kratts. Creature Math helps children practice addition and subtraction and learn valuable ecology/science concepts as they create their very own animal habitat, filled with cool creature pals!”

**Just for Fun (and Teens too!)**

Try both of these games (FREE on Android and iOS)

94 Seconds and 4 Pics 1 Word

I was a bit behind but my teens helped me understand the value (and addiction) of each of these games. In 94 seconds you have exactly 94 seconds to basically play the age-old car game where you’re given the first letter and a category and must come up with an item that fits. (Example: Capitol of a country that starts with ‘D’!)

And in 4 Pics 4 pics 1 word1 Word, you are given 4 photos and a number of spaces for a word describing a theme in the images. And I admit my kids are SO much better at this game than I am!

But secretly what I like the most about these two games is that all the kids can’t help but play at the same time. Interacting with each other without even knowing it!

(Carissa was given many of these items to test out at no charge to her. Her thoughts and opinions are her own.)