Here’s one educational bit I’m glad I missed- Zoorotica at the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan. Last weekend the zoo hosted a very special Valentine’s Day program focusing on the mating rituals of animals. I actually studied this kind of thing in college. Oh, I’ve seen dolphins do it and monkeys masturbate, but that’s certainly not how I would want to spend a romantic afternoon with my husband.Fortunately for families, most days this seasonal zoo is open it has a lot to offer little ones. In fact it has a great big attraction for little ones, a chance to hand feed giraffes.We visited this park about six years ago when my boys were two and four. According to the zoo’s website, they still offer this free attraction, and the giraffe biscuits are only a dollar each.In addition to their long legs and long necks, giraffes have long prehensile tongues. Black tongues, with which they eagerly grab biscuits from your little one’s hand.If my family’s experience at Binder Park Zoo is any indication, I’m certain that feeding the giraffe’s will leave the tongues of your family members wagging for years to come.If you want to make a weekend of your trip to Battle Creek, plan to spend time at the nearby Kalamazoo Air Zoo, where you can learn about flying and view dozens of vintage aircraft.And before you head out of town, check your current museum, zoo and aquarium memberships to see if you can receive reciprocal benefits on your trip.Kim also blogs at Hormone-colored Days.