When you’re planning a family vacation, you better build in some extra bucks for baggage fees these days.  How much?  Not an easy question to answer since the fees are all over the board.  Some airlines now charge 15 dollars for your first checked bag, 25 bucks for a second, and as much as $100 for a third—and that’s each way!  That doesn’t even touch the fees you’ll face for going oversize or overweight. 

It’s tough to keep up with what each airline charges, too.  Now, there’s a web site to make finding that information simple.  LuggageLimits.com has a free search tool that offers baggage information for more than 55 airlines.  All you have to do is select the one you’re flying, or considering flying, then input a departure and arrival airport, and hit search.  What you’ll come up with is what I consider priceless information (and you will, too, if you’ve ever spent hours trying to find these details in the fine print on the individual airline sites).  You’ll find the weights and dimensions you’re allowed for checked and carry-on baggage.  That’s important because not all luggage is built in standard sizes.  

With this site you’ll know right away the number of free bags you can bring and the fees for those that are stuffed a bit too full (we’ve all been there!).  Luggagelimits.com also gives you special baggage policies, critical information for those of you who typically fly your child safety seat from one destination to another, or the people lucky enough to be able to bring golf clubs along on the trip.  Very handy information indeed.  And if your next thought is whether the information is accurate, the site saw you coming.  They say they repeatedly check their information with the airlines so you won’t have to.  Now that you know where to find the information on what you can bring, next week we’ll have some tips on how to squeeze it all in while still making your luggage the weight that is safe.