Yanni’s music is one of those things that I have enjoyed at a friend’s house, then promised myself to buy for my own house, but never did.My recollection of Yanni is that he is [was?] married to Linda Evans and that my mom and my cousin love him.  I love my mom but our taste in music is quite different (she also loves Charlie Pride).  My cousin is so inspired that she works out to Yanni’s music and would happily take over the Yanni Fan Club – they need only ask.So when I was offered tickets to see Yanni Voices, I immediately called my cousin because she lives here and my mom doesn’t, and gave her the tickets.  She was so happy she squealed.   However, at the last minute, literally, her date bailed so it was up to me to make sure my cousin did not attend her dream concert alone.  I ran for the train and we went to the concert.We were a few minutes late so by the time we got to our orchestra seats, Leslie Mills was singing her heart out to Come Into My Life, which she wrote.  The song was beautiful and the visuals were interesting but not enough to keep me from thinking about the text I had sent to my son earlier.  Then, the tempo picked up and it was one fabulous performer after another:  Chloe – who looks like a very grown up Hannah Montana but can move like Shakira, danced, sang and made it all look fun and easy;  Ender – dramatic and passionate and then, my favorite, tenor Nathan Pacheco.  Nathan has a smile in his voice; his sweet and romantic presence comes through in his talent.  I could not believe it when I saw his interview on Yanni.com and found out that he is not an Italian native. You must see this young man sing.Add a Yanni Voices concert to your travel plans this summer.  It will transport you whether you see it in your own hometown or some place else.  It’s a great girlfriend’s getaway night although the two guys who were dancing in their seats next to me might disagree.