Whether it’s gloating over the perfect sunset at the beach, or your dad enjoying  the sight of your kids’ first slide down a snow covered hill, it just got easier to share your travels with far flung friends and family. In real time. Qik.com has launched a site that lets you stream live video, right from your cell phone.

So in theory, you can take grandma with you, when you drive over the mountain and through the woods to grandma’s house. Maybe she will have some suggestions on how to keep the kids entertained in the back seat? Or will want to take a turn at license plate bingo? 

The possibilities for sharing your travel adventures and making up new games (guess which grocery store mommy is shopping in? springs to mind) are endless. And you have to admit, live streaming video sure beats the pants off those snail mail postcards we sent when we were kids.  Just don’t abuse this technology folks. We don’t need to see the restrooms at every pit stop!