snowy-roadWhen the weather outside is frightfully wintry, but you and the family still need to drive somewhere, there are ways to prepare for a family road trip in the wintertime.

Winter Driving Means Being Prepared
Winter driving can be hazardous; below-freezing temps and drifting snow can cause driving to be difficult or nearly impossible. We’ve all heard of cars being stuck – in snowbanks or just on closed-off interstates – for hours or even for a day or more.

If you’re traveling with kids in the car, make sure to pack extra – of everything. My husband and I will count out how many days we will be away and usually pack twice that amount in the winter months, especially snacks and bottled water. In addition, be sure to pack food where it’s easily accessible; it won’t do any good in the trunk of the car if the trunk is only accessibly by getting out of the car and you can’t get out.

Extra clothes and blankets are a must as well; in the event that the car engine has to be turned off or you run out of gas, those blankets will be crucial. Winter outerwear such as coats, hats, scarves and mittens are also important, either to keep warm in the car or in case you have to venture outdoors in the cold.


Remember to also pack medications and other health necessities and keep them where they’re easy to reach.

Teresa J. Shaw is editor of the Free in 50 States section and also writes about Southeast Michigan for Traveling Mom. Visit her blog and follow her on Twitter at @TeresaShaw