So this week being half-term (a mid-semester week off school for the kids (aged 5 and nearly 8), I decided to take them to Windsor Castle for the first time. It is only about half an hour away from us, but somehow I had never gotten around to taking them in the nearly 3 years we have lived in this area. Sometimes we go away during October half-term, but as we are trying to be thrifty at the moment due to credit crunch, etc etc, I decided it was time to explore things closer to home.Well, I don’t know why we didn’t go sooner–it was fantastic and both children want to go back. Most visitors with children go to Windsor (just 30 mins outside London by train) for Legoland, which is indeed a great place to visit, albeit a rather pricey one. But Windsor Castle isa totally different experience–educational without seeming like it is. It is the oldest (and largest) continuously inhabited castle in Europe, and is full of fascinating stuff. Like what, you say? Well, my children’s favorites included Henry the VIII’s suit of armor, Queen Mary’s Dollhouse (has to be seen to be believed), the “chapel” inside the castel walls, which is actually a humungous cathedral with many important historical people buried there, and the many sumptuously decorated rooms that are open to the public; some are still used for important state dinners. And although the entrance fee is not cheap, it is well worth the price, and the excellent audio guides are free. Besides what is inside the castle walls, outside you can watch the changing of the guard, and explore the beautiful town of Windsor itself, which has lots of restaurants and upscale shops.As the economy here doesn’t seem to be getting any better yet, I expect to be doing more of these “staycation” day visits with the children, and will report on them accordingly.Until next time–ExPatMom