hurricane-sandyWe are fine.

Our house is fine.

It didn’t get crushed by a tree. Our neighbor’s did.

We didn’t have to flee our home as it burned to the ground. Our neighbors did.

My living room and kitchen are not submerged in dirty water making coming home anytime soon impossible. My neighbor’s are.

We have been inconceivably lucky in this horrible storm.

We don’t have power and we have to wait in multiple hour gas lines to get fuel to power our tiny generator that keeps the refrigerator running. We count ourselves among the blessed.

We have watched as this storm has taken lives and homes in completely random, unanticipated and horrific ways.

Trees fell between houses, a foot to the left or to the right would have meant certain death.

Those who live a half-mile from the water had their homes destroyed by flooding while those who live on the coast were spared.

Mansions burned in a devastating domino fashion, firefighters tried, they were powerless.

We believe we can control things.

We can’t.

We believe the weather stations can tell us what will happen, how severe it will be, who will be safe and who won’t.

They can’t.

Never again will I think that a basement full of batteries, some water bottles and canned goods can protect my family from disaster.

Mother Nature can be cruel and unpredictable. The Staten Island mother who was fleeing the wrath of Sandy in her little mini-van had her children strapped safely into their baby seats. She couldn’t have known that minutes later her car would stall and her children would be swept from her arms as she tried to save them.

Today I will thank God for the luck I don’t deserve and the next time I will evacuate early and not worry about my “stuff” because the only “stuff” that counts are my small children who depend on me to keep them safe.