A few weeks ago, I finally made the decision to lease a 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan – despite the fact that everyone I knew was recommending the Honda Pilot.  Well, three weeks into driving my new SUV through snow and ice storms, I have to say – I still love it – even though it would have been nice to have had four wheel drive during the winter months.  But the one thing I have fallen in love with – aside from the amazing sunroof that is the size of the front and back seat, is our GPS system.  The car comes equipped with this incredible navigation system where you can actually find area attractions, sporting venues, restaurants, night clubs and more!  All I need now is the pipeline to moviefone and I’d be set for life with this thing.  Our incredible GPS came in handy last night while we drove out to New Jersey for a Bat Mitzvah in one of those awful snow/sleet/rain storms that has been plaguing our area since early December.  While we normally get lost whenever we travel to New Jersey (I am convinced that construction workers purposely hung up signs on the turnpike to confuse out of state drivers), this time around, we made it to our destination without a single wrong turn!  And let me just tell you, that is truly an amazing feat since every time we go over the George Washington Bridge, we always wind up getting off at the wrong exit or taking a jug handle that puts us in the opposite direction of where we need to go.And so, all I can say is – if you are contemplating getting a Navigation system for your car, I say go for it! Not only will you be spared the arguments that ensue every time you get lost, but you may even find new destinations for you and your family to visit!  Now I’m off to find a good restaurant to hit tonight – forget the Internet…I’m hopping in my car! Oh…and if you want to download a great talk show for a car ride, then why not check out Role Mommy on the Run and Traveling Mom.  Click here to check out our shows and download to your iPod!