baseballSo maybe this is a weird post to write on a travel website. But forget about a real vacation: we can’t even get away for a weekend.  Travel?  We can’t even get off the island of Manhattan!  Why not? Let me  count the ways:
1. Baseball
2. Soccer
3. More baseball
4. Skating
5. Birthday parties
6. Did I mention baseball?

It’s great that my kids have such a full life.  And it’s lucky that we live in NYC so that even if we don’t manage a weekend getaway, there’s plenty to do. (who am I kidding – “if” we don’t manage to get away…we NEVER get away!) This weekend, we’re hitting Central Park’s Pumpkin Fest, last weekend, we were in Central Park enjoying the freakishly warm weather, we hit the Museum of Modern Art and rode our bikes up to Fairway, got a picnic lunch, and ate it on the 125th Street pier.

But still.

We live in NYC, and I’d like to leave it once in a while and remember what it’s like to enjoy nature that’s not immediately surrounded by concrete. Is that so much to ask? Is it too much to wish that once a month, the kids sports took a holiday so we could all four hang out together — not each of us at one game with one kid.  What happened to family time?  You know – when all of us are in the same place at the same time?


I guess that’s what travelling is for.  Getting away from what keeps you away from each other for the rest of the time.

At least baseball is almost over.
But then, of course, basketball begins.