family-getawayDads are doing most of the vacation planning this year, according to a new (more than a little suspect) survey. Seems to me, the bottom line is that we moms are really good at making those dads think they had a big role in planning the vacation, especially the key parts about choosing the destination and setting the family vacation budget.

This new survey about family vacation planning for 2013, commissioned by Great Wolf Lodge, found that:

  • Three-quarters of dads say they would rather spent their vacation time traveling with kids than their buddies (thankfully)
  • Half want to take a road trip that is less than five hours away from home and costs less than $300 per day (a pretty typical family vacation budget in my family–at least it was until we had to figure out how to feed hungry teens on that budget).
  • Nearly two-thirds say they handle all or most of the family vacation planning and one-quarter say they make the final decision on where the family will go on vacation (sure you do, Honey).

Without diving into the intricacies of this study of 1,000 working dads, I can only say that my husband would not be among those dads who plan the family vacation. And I can’t believe he is that much of an anomaly.

During the Family Vacation


As my pal, Paul Eisenberg wrote over at TravelingDad, the key question we should be asking is: How much does Dad do once the family vacation is underway?

As I was telling a friend recently, when we road trip, my husband drives. That’s partly because he is happy behind the wheel for hours at a time while I get bored after two.

But it’s mostly because, as he will tell you, he does one thing at a time and one thing only. If he’s driving, the one thing he is doing is a useful thing–it gets us where we’re going. But if that one thing is being a passenger, then there’s no one left to tend to the kids’ needs, operate the GPS, dig out the right change for the toll booth, or any of the 1,001 other things that might need to be done on a five-hour road trip.

Beach_walkingMoms vs. Dads on Family Vacation

Certainly, at least part of the reason for this study is for Great Wolf to be able to promote itself as a family vacation destination within a few hour’s drive–right where the bulk of the surveyed dads want to vacation.

We’ve stayed at a couple of Great Wolf Lodges. The indoor water parks are great, made even better because the one thing hubby does there is chase the kids around the water slides. While I sip a soda in the lounge chair.

So, Great Wolf Lodge, it’s OK if you want to promote yourself as a great family vacation destination where dads can have fun too. But there’s no need to pretend someone other than mom did most of the work to get the family there.

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