TMOMwhereis“Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” I love quotations and this is one of my favorites, spoken by a famous leader who called this place I’m standing his summertime home.

Usually visitors clamor here when it’s warm and sunny but on the day before Easter the weather was cold and rainy. My family and I didn’t mind, however. Because we now have a cottage about twenty minutes away, we savor the chance to walk up and down Main Street to check out the shops and boutiques before the vacation crowds start to move in.

Here, I quickly pull off my winter ski jacket long enough so my husband can snap a photo of my super cool TravelingMom sport shirt! As he took the picture I remembered I was standing in front of a small museum that was created to honor the quotable leader and his family. Got to put that on my “wish list” of places to visit next time we drive over the bridge – before the summer crowds start pouring in.


Can you guess where I am?