mysteryTmomThere are so many interesting and intriguing places within an hour of Sacramento and this week Sacramento TravelingMom poses at one of them. These statues are landmarks (yes, strange ones) for many traveling families in the Northern California area taking road trips.

From now through April 30, 2011, guess “Where in the heck is Sacramento TravelingMom” by posting your comment below. Comments are entered to win a TMOM shirt (like the one Sacramento Mom is wearing in these photos.)   You can guess the city (in California), and you’ll be entered to win — accuracy not important.

So put your thinking caps on and start guessing. Where in the heck do you think Sacramento TravelingMom took these photos? (actually her friend Suzy McMinn/another Gold Country travel writer took them—hey, there’s another hint)

*NOTE: Tie(s) will result in random drawing(s)!