mothersday1Just you and Mom. Think about it. When was the last time you took a whole weekend and devoted it to Mom?

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend I would like to suggest that you don’t buy your mom a silly card, or overpriced flowers, but instead give her a gift that would mean the world to her: you!

Pick a destination just for the two of you and go. I promise you will never regret the money spent but you will regret the time you wasted when you are no longer lucky enough to have Mom just a phone call away.


Last weekend I followed my own advice and took my mom for a weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. Being born and raised in Phoenix, I knew my mom needed a break from the Colorado spring snow. The heat and sun would be perfect. We could visit old friends and make new memories.

mothersday2After reaching out to the Scottsdale Convention & Visitor Bureau for advice on where to stay, eat and relax we decided to stay in a beautiful and spacious accessible 2 bedroom deluxe villa at the Scottsdale Resort and Athletic Club with a provided media rate.

The villa was the perfect way to relax, spend time together having wine on the porch and still have enough personal space. We each had our own room and bathroom and I didn’t get that sometimes claustrophobic feeling I get when in too close quarters with her (sorry!).

We tried to get into the Eurasia Spa a few times but they were always booked. After a quick tour, I saw why-the Vichy shower treatments alone would be enough to draw people here in droves. If you plan to stay on property, make sure to book your spa treatments early.

While in Scottsdale and Phoenix we went to a great new restaurant friends of my mom opened up, Milagro Grill on 44th & Indian School. We joined several friends there for happy hour and drank and ate our way through the entire menu I think!

The patio is beautiful and I am still thinking about how much I loved their P, B & J (Pork belly, tomato jam, peanuts, arugula, and chiltepin). It was the perfect setting for a taste of Mexican food without the heaviness that often accompanies it.

With all the travels I do it was nice to be able to share some experiences with mom. I will never forget how excited she was to find a gorgeous Jacuzzi soaking tub in her room all to herself (grab bars meant she could actually use it) and spend time away with her was the best Mother’s Day gift I could think of.


After reading this are you ready to book a weekend away with your mom? Traveling Mom has you covered. Our team of experts have traveled all over the world, gathering insider tips and information on the most popular family travel destinations to help you plan the perfect trip for you and your mom. Travel safe!