disney_retreatTaking a trip without the kids when their other parent is deployed may seem impossible, but it can be done. Last week I managed just that. I went to Disney World with my fellow Traveling Mom bloggers for a girl’s trip/retreat. When I first found out about the retreat, I immediately assumed I would not go. With my husband deployed and three little kids that need me, I did not see any options. My husband had been gone just three weeks when I decided on the last day to RSVP. I would somehow make it happen.

My mom had already graciously come to live with us from over 1,000 miles away, sacrificing her daily comforts to help us. It seemed unfair to ask her to keep the kids for three days too. I went ahead and asked anyway. I recognized that a small time away would be all right and I desperately needed it.

The people you are around recognize what you are going through and will be happy to assist where they can. One friend brought the kids home from school. Another had my daughter over for a sleepover, leaving my mom with only two kids part of the time. Both of these women offered to lend a hand and I accepted. With all the stress that comes with deployment, it is important to seize opportunities that provide relief. Allow help even if you do not want to; you’ve earned it.


As for my weekend, it was amazing despite the guilt of going. It was a tremendous learning experience, relaxation, and some incredible meals with new friends. I feel refreshed and excited to see my kids!